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Game Shows have become our most popular addition to many of our events.  The presentation is similar to what you see on many popular TV game shows, except in this case, you and your guests participate. The set consists of three to sixteen positions for contestants and has all the "bells and whistles" of a real game all the excitement and spontaneity only found in a live performance. Electronic scorekeeping and a professional game show host further enhance the fun. Games include but are not limited to trivia questions, name that song, physical challenges, etc. Some popular game questions include sports, television, movies, world events, you name it. We can also provide a quiz/trivia game show custom tailored to you or your company, business or organization. Game Show Mania is fast paced, exciting, and loads of fun. Game Show Mania can be a stand-alone show or combined with DJ, Karaoke or both.

Corporate Events | Corporate Event Company | Face-Off! game showFace-Off! Game Show

Face-Off! is an extremely versatile game show. We have a variety of creative ways to use this system. Of course it works great for one person against another competition, or two teams competing. We’ve developed many other awesome ways to use it as well. We can do “battle of the sexes” with the men against the women or boys vs. girls. Another way to create interaction throughout the entire event is our exclusive interactive prize/ticket giveaway. In addition, Face-Off! is the foundation of the Fabulous Feud show. No matter how we use Face-Off! It always elevates the event to new levels.

Corporate Events | Corporate Event Company | Let's play Star PowerStar Power

Star Power is an exciting new game of chance with one, two, three or four players. Usually, when we play this game with more than one player we have the contestants represent teams which are comprised of the people in the audience. The contestants each pick their initial star which goes into their “bank”. After each of the contestants has banked their stars, the next contestant picks from the remaining stars and the points within that star are shown on the screen and given or taken away (Black Hole) from the contestant. Hidden inside some of the stars are Double Bonus Stars (these double the points of that star) and Black Holes which subtract the value of the star. The excitement builds as points are added or taken away from the players, all with out of this world graphics and sounds. Once all of the stars are revealed we show the stars from the bank; this can change everything! We start with the person with the lowest score and continue until all of the banked stars are shown, and of course the winner or winning team is the one with the highest score! We have a lot of flexibility with Star Power and therefore can customize it for a wide variety of events and age groups.

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